Thursday, 8 November 2012

Happy Birthday Jennie!

My sister Jennie's birthday was yesterday. She is soooo awesome! Love her to pieces!!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Going home for the summer

Joe cuddling Pedro my piggy

I took the kids to see the Lorax while Ed and Jennie saw some boring superhero film

off we go!!!!!!!

music and sick buckets at the ready for our loooonnnggg drive!

Yay! on the ferry - the children's first ferry ride!
Bye England!!!!

Hello France!
Chilling at the beach!

The one day it dipped below 35c, we had hot chocolate!

Millie's first go on ice! she was awesome!

my swim ring! not that i got to play with it much...

world music festival at confelon
girly cousins!
it feels like you can jump into those street paintings!


We are brave!!!!

our last night

testing the cart

the piggies also enjoyed their holidays!

in bow's garden


oh philippe!

catherine made this coat!


swimming lake

the fun took it's toll on ed and philippe

boiling my nieces and nephews!

We had an awesome time! These are just a few of many! they are completely out of order as some were taken in swansea, some salisbury and most in france, so just enjoy!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Anniversary mini break Nessie hunting!!!!

I say Nessie hunting, but really, just Nessie looking. We had a wonderful long weekend away over our anniversary at Loch Ness. We've been there a few times before but never stayed over. We had such a fun adventure! A cruise on the loch, topless bus tour, lovely food, lovely hotels over looking the loch. We even explored the famous castle (on an events day so lots to do) and explored the less well known side of the loch, which is VERY hilly!!! We had such a wonderful time and i'm sure we will do it again at some point.
The funny thing is, on the Saturday  we went on the cruise and a young lady sat next to us and asked where we were from etc. We got talking and quickly realised she was american but that's about it. To cut a long story short after the cruise and much conversation, we realised she belonged to the same church as us! And even more spookily, she had the name surname as me! She's a Morrison too! From the same family as me and not too far related. How cool! We ended up taking her to church the next day and spending the day with her before she had to leave to go home. It was great fun to meet a distant relative who happens to be a member!!  So here's a few pictures!!

Getting ready to go

The view from our first hotel window

Part of our first hotel room

Urghuhart castle

Nice balls!!!

Second hotel room

Who puts a cow in their bathroom!?

The view from our second hotel room

Roof top terrace

Abraham and Carlie Morrison

On the open bus tour